Good evening!

We have been very busy processing summer squash and poling the beans. I wanted to share with y’all that we made our first batch of pickles today. We chose sliced and in the fridge verses crop pot for a week.

Our recipe is a combination of several recipes.

For 9 cups sliced cucumbers.

3 cups white distilled vinegar

6 cups sugar

2 tbsp dill weed

2 tbsp salt

1 tbsp red pepper flakes

1 tsp ground mustard

4 cloves garlic freshly minced

2 cups sweet onion diced

2 dashes of freshly ground black pepper.

We boiled everything but the cucumbers until the sugar was melted.

We had the cucumbers in a large bowl and poured the strong-smelling stuff over them, covered with plastic wrap, with squash on top to weight down the floating cucumbers.  About 2 hours later Durbs tried one and says they are sweet and spicy just the way he likes them. Anny tried one too, but they are a bit spicy for her. The longer they soak the better I bet they will taste! I am sick of vinegar right now so i will have to wait till tomorrow to try one.


Our Crowder peas have bloomed! And I am surprised by how beautiful the flowers are. Even if the deer eat them, they are very pretty!


Tomorrow we will continue putting up poles, burning and even clearing more land. We have burned through over half our wood pile by using the 6′-8′ branches and trunks for bean poles. We plan to keep these to use again next year if needed.

Good night everyone. Love y’all, blessings be with yas!


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