And the heat was lower today.

Good Evening.

We have been getting into a really great routine in getting outside early in the morning and after dinner. We have almost completely burned our huge pile of trees and wood. We also bought a universal weed eater head with plastic blades to replace the string one I broke.

All of our chickens are now in the coop and so is Aubie. No more plants or animals in my bedroom!!! I don’t plan on any more till time to get ready for spring next year. In August we hope to buy a few more 10$ trashcans with lids to put all the feed and pine chips in. They are in my bathroom for now. Then I will have my master bedroom and master bathroom back.

We harvested crowder peas today! 

And the pinto beans have pods! Our corn has tassles too!

We must wait anothet month before we find out if I was accepted at Oregon State University for their Agricultural Bachelor Degree. We are excited!!

Other than having a difficult time staying hydrated we are all working very hard here. We are processing the last summer squashes and trying our hand a peach preserves. Hope y’all are as blessed as we are! Love y’all!

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