Blessings surround us!

Good afternoon!

These last few days have been filled with blessings! I have been accepted to Oregon State University for the Summer Semester and enrolled in their Agricultural Sciences Bachelor as a Senior! I started my classes already. I am taking Soil Sciences, Intro to Environmental Science, Intro to Plant Biology, Organic Farming and Gardening. Whew Not the max amount of classes but only one fewer. I still do not have my college books but have already completed some grades and have straight A’s at this time! Very excited! We also found another financial income to start in August. It is really looking like our financial need will be met this August and for the next 2 years. This is amazing news for us. Durbs is finishing his MBA today! So starting tomorrow his college work is completed! We are so excited!

Now for our lovely homestead! The weather is much cooler this weekend than earlier this week and feels great. We got most of the yard work of cutting and edging done Friday. I worked on homework and weeding the field Saturday. We our relaxing mostly today, but we will get some weeding time in. We also made some Peach preserves. We have a jar saved for Gpa and Nana! Its YUMMY!






Our 1/4 row of sunflowers!

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