And a good day of weeding and putting up poles.

Good evening!

We had some rain storms yesterday that left our ground wet and soft! This made weeding so much easier. We also got our first harvest of Okra and our only watermelon so far! We also have some cantaloupe growing and our butternut squash is doing good. I have started college for my Bachelors in Agriculture. This semester I am taking Intro to Animal science, Intro to Plant Biology, Intro to Environmental Science, Soils Science, and Organic gardening and Farming. So very interesting. As I include the entire family in my learning this will help all of us to be better farmers and homesteaders. We have already started our Broccoli experiment in which we hope to learn more about the plant biology to aid us in adding this crop to our gardens. We also have already done one soil lab in which we learned about reading soil maps(never even knew the US Government had soil maps). I also had a lab for my organic class in which I sat outside and described my surroundings. I chose to sit out under the big pecan tree and talk about our crops and Aubie. So far I love the classes and my kids help so it’s a nice family event.  So far I have straight A’s!  Another fun thing is our crowder peas are abundant!! And our corn is coming in!

IMG_6280 IMG_6271

The first photo is Celeste’s Beans, we got about a third of the way polled and weeded. The second photo is our Okra and Gpa’s Beans, these are weeded and polled.

IMG_6279 IMG_6278 IMG_6277 IMG_6276

Our harvest today!

IMG_6272 IMG_6273

And our Broccoli Experiment. Oh did you know that Broccoli has a lot of vitamin C and natural cancer fighting agents. As long as you do not boil it the plant retains its cancer fighting properties and its vitamins!

Love y’all! Blessing be with yas and chat again tomorrow!

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