We had one AMAZING weekend!!

Good evening!

We decided this weekend to go spend it with my uncle’s in Oklahoma and it was a blast!! We took Aubie our goat, Sarah and us six in our Grand caravan. It was definitely interesting. I am very thankful that goat poo smells like grass! We made it there in good time and made it back in amazing time. We even took a short break to visit with Gpa and Nana in Springville before heading down to the homestead.

We made 4th of July dresses for Anny and Frankie. Anny even designed hers. They turned out wonderful!

IMG_6297 These we made from scraps we had been saving. The really cool thing it that they are school colors and acceptable for school wear as well!! I am very pleased with them!

We had a bunch of fireworks! We did light them all off too!

IMG_6304 IMG_6305 IMG_6306

The kids had a blast starting with poppers and snaps!IMG_6303

Then it was rides and more fireworks!

IMG_6381 IMG_6421 IMG_6364 IMG_6362 IMG_6358 IMG_6332 IMG_6298 IMG_6288 IMG_6287 IMG_6359 IMG_6499 IMG_6508Trinity did not really like the fireworks and would not light any, but lil man was all about it! We had delicious food and one amazing cake! Uncle George’s neighbor Diane made it and it was perfect!



IMG_6496 our watermelon!

All of us had so much fun that if we did have to get back to our homestead we would have definitely stayed longer! We even got these flaming sword fountains for each of the kids, but Trin would not hold hers so Daddy did.

IMG_6316 IMG_6548 IMG_6523 IMG_6592 IMG_6744 IMG_6819

Uncle George got the finally and it was one amazing firework, unfortunately my phone died, but it boomed and sparkled like the big ones you see at shows! By far the best 4th we have had yet. Good foo, great company and fun my gosh we had so much fun. And to end our weekend I finished Trinity’s Unicorn hat and we came home to kittens!

IMG_6868 IMG_6869

We love y’all! Blessings be with you! Chat with yas tomorrow!


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