Mowing, homework, and giving sarah a hair cut.

Good afternoon!

We got outside at 9am this morning and kept mowing until 4pm. It was slow because we have been clearing out much and rocks in our back yard so we could mow more. We now have half of our front yard mowed and 1/2 of our back yard, but all of the side yard. We used old yellow and took it really slow. Being able to mow our yard on the riding lawnmower is a dream come true. With all the mulch and rocks from having the land cleared we never thought it would be possible. But today we got so much closer to accomplishing the complete mowing that it is amazing. We all feel incredibly accomplished!

I got three home work assignments done this morning and will do two more tonight. I also got my organic farming and gardening books in, as well as my soil lab kit!! I am so excited! I hope to be ahead in all of my classes by this weekend. Currently I have 2 B’s and 3 A’s. Not everything I have turned in has been graded so I hope those B’s come up! Outside of some gross things in Animal Science I am loving this coursework.

Our AC froze up today, but we got it thawed and working good. Because of the freeze we decided to go ahead and shave Sarah again. We got maybe a third done. It filled our vacuum 5 times! She has some thick hair! She is very happy and is feeling much better than earlier today. And our Katnis is a good momma, we put her and her babies in my bathroom till the can get around. Everyone is happy and healthy!

Now I am off to go do my homework! Blessing with yas!


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