And what a harvest we have!

Good evening!

Today we had a busy day. We had shopping done by lunch which is always a good deal! I got 3 homework assignments done today putting me homework free till Sunday, but I will continue to work ahead until one of my professors says not to. We trimmed more of the front yard. We painted the kids desk instead the cloth cover it had. We used our cheap misdyed interior semi gloss and it’s not a putrid pink as we feared, but more of a Pepto-Bismol pink. This is an improvement as I need to paint the kitchen, hallway, kids bathroom and both kids rooms with this color and I hate pink. Anny got some weeding done in the field and tomorrow ill muck out the coop and continue weeding. And last but not least… We had one HUGE harvest!


Our Crowder pea harvest filled 10 half-gallon jugs before shelling. Our Okra harvest gave us one huge plastic bag full and two half gal jugs. We had some small yellow squash and a few large zucchini. We have already started shelling the peas and will cut and blanch our okra tonight. We get the pleasure of giving some of this to Celeste! Tomorrow evening Durbs will take her some of our harvest. We should have corn around the 24th of this month and Celeste’s speckled butter beans should ready too! We have had one draw back 😦 Our tomatoes are a loss. Apparently Cardinals love tomatoes and have destroyed our small crop. We have 3 cantaloupe on the vine and our pumpkin plants are blooming! We unfortunately have a bad infestation of stink bugs in the crop field. We will be using a pesticide tomorrow evening. We have only used pesticides twice before for the same bugs. We hope we can salvage our remaining squash plants, pumpkins and we saw some on the corn today as well. They are coming out of the woods, so we plan on cutting back more. Trying to make it as difficult as possible for these evil things. As I get further along in my organic studies I hope to find better ways to get rid of these evil bugs, but for now we use chemicals. I doubt I will ever go completely organic, but we are going to give it our best.

Blessings be with ya, love yas and sweet dreams. I am off to go blanch some okra!

2 thoughts on “And what a harvest we have!

    • We have not seen caterpillars. Our extension office warned everyone early spring that the stink bugs would be bad this year, we just had not seen that many till they were really bad. I thought I would see more before they took over lol. Not just one or two then WHAM.

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