Its been a few days!

Good afternoon!

We have been really busy these last few days. I did pot about what I have learned about organic weeding on this page.

Organic Weed Control

I hope y’all enjoy it 🙂 Please comment with ways I have missed that would be wonderful! I will adding a page of the recipes we use to reduce costs later this week. Now we have canned 6 quarts of Crowder peas. Even Durbs helped pressure can!

IMG_6884 IMG_6880 IMG_6881

And I did my hydrometer for Soil Science!

IMG_6905 IMG_6909

And here is a sample from our crop field and I am working with it to see how much clay there is in it. Which is actually quite low compared to what we thought.

IMG_6906 IMG_6913

The second picture is called ribboning, it is messy t do but will show how much sand is in your soil.

I am managing to not only keep up with my homework but also do pretty good. I have one low grade in Plant Biology from the test I bombed. The words they use are huge and hard to pronounce, this makes it really hard for me to understand. I am devoting more study time to this class as I have to take another 4 in this subject area for my degree. Another thing we did today was harvest. We got all of us into it, Frankie is at her dad’s so that is why you do not see her. We harvested Crowder peas, okra, GRAPES! and Corn. Now we have lost a lot of our corn to bugs, but we have some. We did spray we just prayed to late we think. This year is definitely a learning year. Oh and we harvest some sunflowers!

IMG_6916Lil man and Trinity really helped till we got to the sunflowers then they had enough and started getting scared of the sunflowers.


We are already processing this batch 🙂 We have also cleared more land around our chicken yard. We hope to get back to the old coop soon so we can tear it down and build Aubie a shack!

And here is the marigolds in Marion’s Magical Garden! The weeds have grown up around them but that is ok. We will be adding compost to this soon as the sunflowers are done. None of our bulbs came up this year so we hope to see them next spring.


Durbs has almost finished two nesting boxes and they will places in the coop tonight so we can hopefully get some eggs soon! We did lose one chick to the heat we think, we have had to add back the old waterer as the chickens do not like the nozzle waterers we gave them 😦

We love yas, Blessing be with y’all and chat with ya later! We hope to make Grape jelly tonight!


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