And we culled Lovie the head roo.

Today started off like any other, mowing , weeding, lunch and naps. Only that is where it ended the similarities. Instead of taking a nap Trinity came back out with me and Anny. She was playing down near the chicken yard while we weeded the peas and beans. Then I hear screaming. I look up and took off running. Trinity had gotten into the chicken yard, which happens often, but this time Lovie was attacking her. I screamed and waved my arms and ran as fast as I could. He knocked her down, scratched her back up, tried to rip out her hair and scratched her face. He was off of her by the time I got to the gate and she got up and came to me. I shut the gate and loved on her, looked her over, kissed booboos and asked anny to take her in to daddy. Then I went after Lovie. I caught him 3-4 times and tried to wring his neck but each time I failed to actually break his neck. So I went in and got Durbs, He caught him and got the axe and the deed was done. Trinity has some bad scratches and is spooked but that is it. When Trinity asked where Lovie was I told her he is visiting Grandpa Hamons and Grandma Arnold permanently.Trinity knows better than to play with the chickens without us, but even so there is absolutely no excuse for a attack. The other chicken are not scared of us, but are more docile now. We still have 4 4 month old roos and several 2 mothers. Anny plucked Lovie and we found that he was to small to gut and cook. And he was our biggest Roo so we have decided that the roos have no need to be eaten and we will cull more Monday. We will probably cull all the 2 mothers. No need to feed them if they are not going to feed us. I am considering getting rid of all chickens. I doubt I could handle seeing that happen again.

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