And what a sight to see!!

Good evening!!

So tonight is a clear, moonless, cool and calm night. Perfection when it comes to seeing a rare amazing sight. Shooting stars!! Around 10pm me and Durbs were outside and saw one really large streaking meteor(shooting star) and that’s when I remembered that there was the Perseid Meteor shower! I looked it up and read that tonight would be the best night for viewing with the best show right before dawn. Now I am not even considering getting up around 3-4am myself so I knew showing my older two gals at that time would not happen. So I decided to wait till 11pm and get them out to go see if we saw any. And see some we did! It was funny to go wake them up and drag them outside. Anny put on two left shoes and Frankie could not find any so I had to show her the shoes at her feet for her to put on. Both groggy and confused I led them out to our field and turned them around to watch the night sky. And the sky did not disappoint us. We saw 13-15 shooting stars in about 20 minutes. Then two bats flew really close to me and Frankie. She screamed and that was it she was done star watching. Then Anny complained about her chemistry test(yeppers Chemistry at 15 years old) in the morning so the both went in. I am so happy I got the chance in such ideal conditions to show my gals such a awe inspiring sight. Would I drag them out this late again? Definitely bats and chemistry test included. These are the moments that I am glad I am a mom living in the country.

Now back to finals week.. or weeks as I have classes ending this week, next week and the next week…..

God Bless!


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