Our update! Figs, eggs, school work and learning!

Fig Trees and their pests. So we have been waiting fairly patiently for the figs to ripen. Very few have and so I am confused as to why we are not harvesting figs when many around us already have. I looked over the two fig trees again today and saw maybe 2 ripe on the tree that started growing those first and about 6 ripe or close to it on the other tree, which still has kudzu in it. That’s when I saw the wasps, beetles and other weird bugs eating ripe figs. I have done some research and what I found is well there are no recommended pesticides for use for the bugs. The number one thing to control bugs in and around figs is sanitation. Well ours are not clear underneath and one has kudzu and black berry plants growing in it as well. So this weekend besides working on our chicken yard we are going to clean up around our fig trees and see if this helps. I have a feeling this task is going to be difficult and take a lot of time. Hopefully once we take care of this and remove any bad figs our harvest will improve.

Our watermelon, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, and crowder peas are done for the year as well as our corn and okra. Our Butter beans are winding down. We will start prepping the soil for our fall crops soon. We are to plant spinach and some other greens. The rest of the field we will start to prep for next spring. Our old mulch pile has turned into compost and will be added to the field. Right now we plan to let it grow over this winter and start breaking ground next spring. We do not plan on starting seeds indoors this coming spring as we do not have a greenhouse set up yet. That will be 2017 at the earliest.

Now for our school news! Anny our oldest is in her first full high school year here with a senior level chemistry class! And our Frankie has been accepted into the gifted and talented program here! Anny also joined the band and will be marching with the red devils at the football games this fall! My first semester of agriculture is winding down and I must say I am very proud of my grades. I did have a difficult time in Plant Biology and the actual inner works of plants down to the DNA level is not my cup of tea. Trinity is learning more everyday on ABC online and so is Durby III. He speaks much clearer now and can count to 12!

Our hens from our first hatch are laying now and we get 4 eggs a day, soon to be 5 once the last one starts laying. These are free range chicken and the forage for the majority of their food, we do supplement feed morning and night. Aubie is filling out quite nicely and keeps the chicken yard clear of vegetation so we bring her out every day and rope her to an area we want her to clear. She usually clears a small area a day. Sarah is huge and ornery. She is chained out every day as she will get into any and all food she can! Katniss is still nursing her kittens but they are down to only one or two feedings a day the rest is dry and wet food. The 5 kittens are doing great and we have selected on to keep and as soon as the rest are weaned we will be seeking new homes for them.

That about wraps up our current events! I will be posting more about my disillusionment of organic gardening and what I have learned in soil science in the next few weeks. I hope this find every well and happy.

God Bless y’all and we will chat with ya soon!


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