And so we got rid of 3 more roosters.

Good afternoon.

It has been a peaceful day thankfully. Anny got here school physical done for band! And we got more of the weed eating done and more of the back yard cleared. And the repairs we made yesterday morning to the chicken yard kept most of the chickens in the yard, only one of the laying hens got out. A huge improvement.

And we started the process of shrinking our flock to mostly hens. We are down to 22 chickens from 28 at a high. 5 of which were roosters and one died of natural causes before we knew gender. We believe have another 4-5 Rooster to remove and then we should be our 5 laying hens 1-2 Roosters and 10 more young hens.Our younger hens should start laying late this fall if they start before spring. We might put in a red light to encourage eggs, but that really depends on several things. For now we are just shrinking the flock to only feed what we need to.

In the two classes that I have completed so far this semester I have made  both A’s. One in Animal science and one in Environmental Science. Only three more to finish over the next 3 weeks and then on to my next semester.


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