A sunny day!

Good evening!

After several rainy days we had one nice and full of sunshine! I got almost all of the mowing done too! And we have a new yard tool I love, a cordless hedge trimmer! I have fun trying it out on our back yard, I cut through most weeds and privets like butter! We did get a lot of the laundry done too. We dry outside every chance we get and do our best to limit our washing to sunny days for now. I am also thinking of moving our clothes line to the back yard now that it is clearing out and not such a giant heap of weeds and mulch. We our on day 3 of keeping our chicken in the coop again to ensure they stay home. We still get between 2-4 eggs a day, and we hope to get more stable in the amount by the end of the month. The kids decided not to play outside today but instead to dance all over the inside lol. Hopefully it will be a good day outside tomorrow. Tomorrow is a burn day and planting tomatoes. I know its really late to plant tomatoes but we had to buy some for my plant biology class and we do not want to waste them. I have my plant biology final tomorrow and intro to organic gardening next week.

chat more with yas this weekend!


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