We had balloons, bubbles and face paints!

Good afternoon,

This last week end my sister came up with her son Killian for a visit. It is always a blast when they come for a visit as my sister is a balloon animal making, face painting, pirate clown😁! Here are some pictures of this weekends fun visit.

WIN_20150822_175707WIN_20150822_181357WIN_20150822_175704WIN_20150822_175722 (2)WIN_20150822_180534WIN_20150822_180435WIN_20150822_180514 (2)WIN_20150822_182444WIN_20150822_181837WIN_20150822_182851 (3)WIN_20150822_181312WIN_20150822_182035WIN_20150822_211917 (3) WIN_20150823_124430 (2) WIN_20150823_131732 WIN_20150823_125953 WIN_20150823_130618 WIN_20150823_130615

We love ya Aunt Tina and cousin Killian!!!!


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