We went for a walk, my sis and I

Good Afternoon

Tina and I went for a walk through the land past the pond. Here is what we saw.

WIN_20150823_101951 WIN_20150823_102114 the pond is beautiful!

WIN_20150823_102355 WIN_20150823_102651 We have a lot to clean up.

WIN_20150823_104108 WIN_20150823_104531 Lots of mushrooms and fungus.

WIN_20150823_104820 WIN_20150823_105534 WIN_20150823_105656 WIN_20150823_105830 There is a over frown road.

WIN_20150823_110049 (2) WIN_20150823_112857 Here you can see through to Ms. Billie land.

WIN_20150823_112619And the property line is marked with railroad ties and red/pink ribbon.

We have a lot to do and this is not even halfway back. We had to stop due to dehydration from the sticky wet dampness and the trees that were down.

Clearing back to where we would like to put the goats is going to be one huge long event. But we are excited to get started this fall or as soon as it cools off a little more.

Love yas!

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