Good Evening!!

Good evening,

We have been using this long weekend to our benefit. Yesterday we went and visited with Carol(mawmaw) and then spent the evening with Nana and GPA! Trina and lil man were up to their typical trouble and love playing with Maleficent. Anny was a good help with the lil ones and had a blast. Frankie crafted a potholders too. We ate spaghetti and chatted about the homestead.

The work we started yesterday we finished today.


This was the path to the barn and pond.


This is the path now!! We will mow tomorrow and start clearing around the old shack by the pond.

I also finished Trinity’s mermaid blanket!! It is my own design and I will be selling the pattern and made blankets soon.

WIN_20150906_183905 (2)

And the last of our good news is about our chicken!! It appears we have three laying regular and two more working through the beginning stages.They stay in the yard most of the time now and we see between 3-5 eggs a day. Usually one or two by 8am and the rest by 6pm. No signs of a intruder or them eating the eggs. Just inconsistent laying in the beginning.

Y’all have a good night! Blessings be with yas and more to come tomorrow!


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