Had a wonder visit fram Gpa and Nana!

Good Evening,

This past weekend we had a blast with GPA and Nana. We disk narrowed a portion of our crop field and planted our fall crops. Goa and Nana planted turnip greens and we planted lettuce, spinach, collard greens, broccoli, cabbage and kale. We are getting hairy vetch seeds soon to plant as a winter cover crop. Then GPA hooked up the bush hog… wowzsers! He got some serious clearing done!!

IMG_7388Here is Durbs starting on our field.

 IMG_7389Gpa and Nana planting.

  IMG_7396Durbs digging the ditch for out spinach.


All Done!!

Another really cool thing is we found out that lil man loves dinosaurs!

 IMG_7392 IMG_7398Thanks GPA and Nana!!!

And look how much Gpa cleared for us!!

We started our weekend though rescuing three unseated kittens and taking them to the human society. They were to young for me to take care of, barely walking. Aubie our goat found them behind our home. We waited for hours but no mama cat 😢

IMG_7376Sarah loved them.IMG_7381

We had homemade cinnamon rolls Friday and Trin built a tree house.

IMG_7365      IMG_7370

Good night everyone!

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