And more accomplishments

Good morning!

So over the last few days we have completed some important accomplishments. We cleared our Durbs fire pit!

And we added another set of shelves to clean up the canning and seed stuffs😊

And I finally got my Alabama license😁😁 I love the fact that my hair matches the state name!

And this is a picture colored by youngest girl Trin. 4years old and her coloring is amazing!

And we burned, using both the burn barrel and the fire pit.

We hope to clear our burn pile this weekend.  I start my fall semester Monday. Unfortunately I have discovered the ‘easy’ courses that were recommended are actually quite hard.  We are looking into using Mangle Beets as a winter crop and cover for part of the field,  and hairy vetch for the ret. I am working on both the crochet pattern for the mermaid tail and another item for sale. I also have the dresses and winter clothes to make. Aahh the joys of being over drained with tasks that I enjoy.

We slaughtered the last of the baby roosters and are now down to 19chickens wroth only 4roosters. Our last to roosters we plan to eat so butchering our first soon we hope. Soon as I can figure out how to get a huge pot of boiling water near the coop lol.

Well I am off to grab some more shut eye before we cook our eggs, buttermilk biscuits and sausage breakfast. Love y’all’s

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