Busy, busy!

Good afternoon!

We have been VERY busy this last week. We have burned over half of the burn pile. And are still hitting that hard so we can move the location to a more secure spot. I also started the transformation of the old swing.

Ugly isnt it? Well first I had Anny help by removing the old cushions. We burned on but found that they melted more than burned so the rest went into the trash cans.

Trin and Durby III checking it out after those gross old cushions where removed lol.
Then I started painting it. I only got the main supports done so far due to time ran out and rain.

We have been burning in the fire pit as our burn barrel has almost disintegrated. And this burns way faster and larger amounts than the barrel supported.

Our neighbor Ms Billy came and offered us black walnuts and Anny went with her to pick them up. So glad to see Anny opening up to someone.

Here are all that we have for now, but the trees are still loaded so I expect a lot more than this by the time we are done.

See the burn pile is SHRINKING rapidly!

And I have published a crochet patter for sale on Etsy. It is for the mermaid tail blanket i made for Trinity. I hope you like it!

Mermaid Tail Lapaghan!

And we are off to weed our crop field and to add more supports to our chicken yard to keep them pesky hens in till after they lay the eggs lol!

Love yas


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