Chickens and crafts

Good after noon!

Such a beautiful day. Well here are some pics from the last few days. I will post today’s work a little later. First up we have a awesome sight of my oldest making her own legging pattern. For those that might not know she has already designed and sewn by hand two skirts. We up-cycle most of our clothing into new items and so she made her skirts from her favorite jeans. Now we have a bunch of knit scraps(about 50lbs) so we decided to make leggings for her and shirt, leggings, pants for the rest of the brood. I am also working on a crochet pull over, which is being modified from the original pattern to suit her desires. Its on hold for now but we hope to get it done next week. Yes we have a bunch of clutter right now, but everything will be cleared out soon as most is for clothing!

Here is our wonderful, delicious, made the night before cinnamon rolls. We make them the night before and stick them in the fridge covered over night, then pop them in the oven the next morning YUM! These where made by my oldest! She can cook pretty darn good from scratch 😉

And the last three photos are of our flock. The black rooster is shown, he is mean! The buff at the bottom is a hen and a daily layer in the afternoon. We still have 4 roosters and are working up the courage or anger to slaughter them.

  IMG_7490 IMG_7491 IMG_7487

Other than repairing the chicken yard and getting aubie a salt block, Not much was done. I have a very large homework amount due to the large amount of classes this semester, but I have straight A’s still. And I have time to crochet, learn to knit( its AWESOME!) and sew. I find it funny my children still do not see this as a job, but in reality getting this Homestead up and running is a ton of work and a HUGE dream. Don’t forget I have some things for sale in my etsy store. And we are working on widening the types. What would y;all like to see us sell? Oh and we get out first Angora rabbit later this month. He will be for fiber not meat so we will be having him inside at first and over the summer.

Love y’all!

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