Plowing and planting our winter cover crop Hairy Vetch

Good afternoon again!

Hope your weekend is a busy as ours 🙂 It is relaxing to get items done. I find myself very excited over these next few weeks. I have slippers to make, pj’s, dresses, shirts and leggings to sew. And I got in my patterns and circular knitting needles!!!!

IMG_7495 I am sooooo excited! This combined with my free patterns and I think I have enough to make  a wardrobe for the girls.

We also have some black walnuts cleaned and waiting to be cracked!  Anny gathers them up and we let them dry in the bamboo shack. Most of ours come from Ms Billie, but we do get a few from one tree behind the cottage.


We also think we harvested enough dried speckled butter beans for planting next year! And this time we will plant them early so they produce more. And with our experiences this year we have a much better idea of how to do this.


Now for the HUGE news. With Durbs being down for a few days with a back injury I took over plowing… I started the tractor, backed it out from the barn, turned it around, backed it up, hooked up the disk harrow, and I plowed the field!!!! Durbs took pictures for me 🙂 And we had one photo bombed 😛

IMG_7503 IMG_7501 IMG_7511 IMG_7515 IMG_7513IMG_7517IMG_7521

Then I planted Hairy Vetch. We have another 2/3 rds to do but this was a very good start. The tractor had enough and decided to die, then it would not(and has not yet) start back up, sooo I planted. We only have one strip left to actually plow, but I ran out of seeds so we need more of those too. Luckily they are carried in the Verbena Farm Supply. A store we love and frequent.

Y’all have a great evening we are eating dinner and working on our sewing and crafts! Durbs is playing Skyrim and taking it easy for a few more days. Love y’all!!

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