Burning, playing, sewing and a wonderful life

Good evening! I a again behind on posting lol. College takes a lot of time but it is so worth it. First up we ave this really brightly colored mushroom that was growing near our  burn pile. Its small, the cap is about the size of a silver dollar. But the coloring is so vivid, the pictures did not due it justices.

  The underside is more green than it shows up on my phone, sorry for the blurry shot.
    I finished the paint job on the old swing, and we have the foam in. Next up is to make the cushions!
  Here is my pile of PJ pants 6 of the 7 cut were sewn, the 7th was cut wrong so I am going to see if sleeve parts can be made out of it. These pj pants just need hems and a waist band 🙂  Our Fire, we burned most of the day.
  Trinity and Durby III having fun on some of our yard toys.  Trinity!
  WHat you are seeing here is a massive amounts of birds….  Seriously large numbers here. This is one of the several groups flying around. They would fly from pecan tree to pecan tree and then settled for the night in the bamboo forest. When they flutter in the bamboo forest the sound is incredibly loud rustling noise, that if you did not know where it was coming from would be quite intimidating.
  Trinity bouncing and playing in the box from the foam cushions.
    And Lil Man doing the same lol they have a blast with it.
 And together!
  And Trinity saying its her turn to put the box on her head and bounce and run around LMBO.

Anyways I have been very busy, but we hope to have more pictures of the property soon. We love y’all!


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