Happy Birthday to Durby III.

Good morning!

Today our youngest child, Durby II, turns 3. It is a bitter sweet day, as I will never again get to celebrate one of my children turning three, but so happy and proud of my son. We had the wonderful pleasure of celebrating the party with Nana, Gpa and Celeste! This is my first birthday party for one of my kids with exended family and it was wonderful!. Nana was amazing with the  Paw Patrol decorations and Celeste made a amazing Paw Patrol Cake. Durby III had a blast the entire time! Even my other brats had a blast. We are incredibly grateful to have this experience and to be able to share it!

IMG_7655IMG_7658 IMG_7657IMG_7660 IMG_7662IMG_7663     IMG_7673  IMG_7667 IMG_7666 IMG_7675   IMG_7679 IMG_7676IMG_7682IMG_7686IMG_7687

Thank you so much for everything and helping us to make his birthday a special day!

Love Y’all!

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