Clearing and burning

Good evening!

Today we got a big amount of clearing done! We are working our way back to the last coop to clear it out for a place for our goat Aubie. We were hoping to breed her this fall but we will have to wait as she is not up to the weight we need her at. So it looks like it will be next fall for her.

  We have depleted the old burn pile to less than half of what it originally was and we hope to completely clear it by thanksgiving at the latest.

IMG_7695 We get a lot of use out of this.

We hope to continue making such great progress. If we do then we should easily have Aubie’s enclosure done by Halloween as we told her we would. We are considering renting a wood chipper in the next month or so. We could use the wood chips as part of our weed control method for the field next spring. It is worth considering depending on the price.

Good night everyone I am off of here to do some homework and crochet!

love y’all!

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