We Did It!!!

Good evening!

We reached a major landmark today! We cleared wide enough for the work truck back to the last old coop(we think its the last one)!! This is where we plan to put Aubie’s shack. It took us only 3 days and several truck loads of privets.

IMG_7705 IMG_7704  There it is.. the first view.IMG_7700 There is a truck under there!

IMG_7699 IMG_7707 Trin helped!IMG_7711 IMG_7709 And here it is!!!!!

I sincerely do not think this coop has seen the light of day in over 20 years. We have a lot of dead trees and trees that are to thin and will have to come down. And the coop is mostly intact, but there is glass, metal and rotten wood all over the place.

IMG_7703 IMG_7702Lil man showing how to wear safety goggles. And relaxing after helping us before lunch.

And we burned! A regular event around here as we work to get rid of the coop wood safely. It burns incredibly hot and fast.


In another week or so we can take the tin foil down off the windows!! I am excited to have my windows cleared and clean!!  We are tired but happy to have accomplished so much today!

Love y’all!

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