A New Year!

Good afternoon!

We did not make as much progress as we had hoped last year in clearing or cleaning up the land, but I only have one more semester of college left.  Here is the difference from the beginning of last year to this year.

Our crop field to begin with and now one year later. We moved the wood pile from the center of it and pushed the woods back about 30ft.

The chicken yard and coop left side. We started with 4 old hutches that needed to be removed along with a lot of glass and overgrowth. We ended with a enclosed yard and new coop.

The right side was completely over grown. Now the forest has been pushed back over 50 ft and yet another old coop uncovered.

We also raised chickens, a goat, a rabbit and a field of crops. I did not know how to sew very well this time last year and this time I made Christmas outfits.

As we start our next year we have lost a dozen chickens, a goat, a rabbit, a truck and numerous crops. We hope and pray for a better year!




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