Rabbitry is started.

Good afternoon!

I am swamped with my college and that is why I rarely post. We are now the proud owners of 7 rabbits! We plan to start breeding in April. And our initial investment has been very small compared to the average of over 1k due to no building. We are working behind our self made coop and are cutting back more of the forest as needed. We have one breeding pair of rex rabbits. The rest we have are Florida whites and New Zealand hybrids females and Jacks who our king male. Durbs is the one heading up the rabbitry and is very excited to get this business up and running. We are feeding antibiotic free, animal product free, chemical free and hormone free.  We hope to have our first kits in late May or Early June.

Last year has opened our eyes to how much work goes into raising our own food. We will be installing a hoop greenhouse to extend our growing season. We plan to use our rabbit poop to start our plants in prior to transport. We aim to have our flower garden up and running this year and our herbs growing as well. We will most likely keep our herbs in the green house until we clear more land. We have in the last year cut our spending outside of bills in half, and we aim to cut it in half again this year. We are also only planting vegetables and fruits that we regularly eat this year. Of course this is for our food, and we are still more than happy to grow and harvest whatever we can for the rest of our family. 🙂

I can now sew our clothing. This saves us exponential amounts. For example 1 yard of fleece is 1$ on sale. Two yards is more than enough to make 1 set of child size pjs. So I can make one set of warm pjs for 2$. Not all material is on sale and not all is that cheap, but this shows the idea. I am now looking into making our own egg noodles too as we use them and rice in a lot of our meals.

We hope to get more pictures up soon!


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