A wonderful Saturday

Good evening!

We had a very productive and fun day. Gpa and Nana came by to visit bringing some cookies and gifts from Ms Virginia and Papa! They took the morning to practice shooting down by the pond. We also got to visit with our Neighbor Ms Billie! Shes been not feeling well for a bit and it was really nice to catch up. And we saw cousin Dan, unfortunately we did not get to visit today, but look forward to visiting with him soon.

Now for our accomplishments. We got well over 100 trees chipped and produced 5 bags of mulch to line our coop with.  We moved 5 wheelbarrow fulls of dirt to fill in the ditch from our water line. We got about halfway done. We plan to finish tomorrow. We also burned another 100 or so privets. We hope to accomplish more tomorrow in shrinking our pile of privets from clearing land. We also got a tarp for the bunnies until our carport comes in next week. We need to make some adjustments but overall we are happy with it. We hope it lasts through the storms expected Tuesday night and Wednesday. IMG_8741.JPG

Anny did most of the dirt hauling and filling in of our ditch pictured here good and filled in. I helped only in smashing it down as Anny is quite light. Anny also pulled up some brambles from where we want to put the green house. Tonight is more homework and if I have enough energy I will sew.  Our list of things to do never seems to actually shrink but we still make wonderful progress everyday!

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