And so the next few days will tell.

Good evening!

Our temporary rabbit enclosure held up well last night but the real tell will be from tomorrow morning through Wednesday as we expect severe storms. We look forward to when our more permanent structure is here. We are also doing pallet runs the end of this week after the storms. The pallets will be used for 4 purposes. The rabbit enclosure,the chicken yard, a shed and a green house. As we prepare for the upcoming financial strains later this year we must plan for extending our growing season. Looking at the average temperatures here we think we can easily grow past Christmas in a greenhouse and breed the rabbits all winter.The shed will replace our storage unit and save us 30$ a month. The money saved from the greenhouse and bunnies are not yet calculable.

We did not add more eggs to the incubator today and so in 4 weeks or so we will be hatching a maximum of 6 chickens. We will be adding more to the incubator as soon as these eggs either hatch or are found dead.  We still aim to have 24 laying hens by next winter.  If we can get more that would be ideal as we lost 4 to hawks this year. The reinforcement of the chicken yard will hopefully keep the chickens from wandering to far from the safe location and getting eaten by predators like last year.

The kids enjoy helping with the rabbits every time we go out now. Although in the morning its a hit or miss on which of the kids wants to go down there. In the evening though its a fun family routine.

Hoping your day was as peaceful as ours!

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