We were successful!!!

Good evening!

Our temporary bunny enclosure held up to the winds and storms last night! Every single bunny was warm, safe and DRY! We are very happy with this. We hope to have our permanent enclosure here this weekend or early next week. And then it will be merely setting it up and finishing touches!

We fared very well from the storms. We did not have any huge trees down! And most of the branches were small to medium outside of one long thick one. These first three pictures show the long branch we had come down a few feet into the woods. I know its hard to see but its easily over 2 feet thick and well over 10 feet long.IMG_8763IMG_8764IMG_8765

This shows the side of the roof on the old barn that collapsed and the huge ivy that has been knocked down.


Another view of the large amounts of Ivy that was knocked down and privest that have been knocked over.


This is perhaps our scariest find. A wall in the old barn collapsing out from the room into the center walkway. We are now speeding up some other clearing work to ensure we get everything out we want before the structure falls further.


A picture of the back wall on the barn that fell off and you can see the back part of the roof that came down.


These last two shots show the roof that fell down from straight on view. The barn is encompassed in the forest and most of what we hope to salvage is wood and metal from the roofing.


Outside of these we saw several trees down near our pond and in our drainage ditch. We can only assume more will be down behind the old coop. We can not clear these safely at this time as they are in the center of groups of privets that are leaning now under the weight of the kudzu vines. We will be working on these issues when we can safely do so. First we will increase our removal of trash we find on the property. Every few feet we uncover old trash piles. These are making the clearing of the land very difficult and dangerous. We hope to shave another 30-50 ft off the forest by mid summer. If we do not find to many trash piles. These piles are partially buried from time and have metal, barbwire, glass, old containers and other dangerous stuff in them. The cleaning up and clearing out of this land is by far our biggest challenge.

Another thing we did today was purchase some bins, bookcases and a folding table and bench. We are changing our inside storage and eating situation. We still wont have a table all of us can eat at all the time, but we are getting closer!

Loving the simple life.


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