Redecorating and water line maintenance.

Good evening!

So today we spent all day rearranging the kitchen, living room and craft area. We took out the old crib turned into a desk.


And put in a table and bench.


Now for the first time in over 6 years we as a family can eat all in the one room for every meal! In the past we could only do this at holidays, as with 6 of us it is hard to find a table we can all sit at. Durbs and I would eat in the living room and the kids in the kitchen. Now all 4 kids can eat at the table and we can eat at the island, putting ALL of us in the same room!

We also took out the one long old bookcase and replaced it with two tall bookcases free up more space in the living room. The living room is still a wreck from it all but once we get it all straightened up we will show yall!

The we finally got outside for a little bit and took some time to work on filling in the animal holes and dog dug ditches along our water line.


Mean while the kids had a blast playing on the swing set 🙂


And we got the rabbit enclosure roof delivered today!!!!! So now I am off to go work for a few hours on homework. Insect toxicology is very difficult!


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