Our Weekend and New Coop Members

Good Evening!

I hope your last few days have been as fun as ours. Saturday we took a trip down to visit my sister Tina and her son Killian on their boat in St Marks. They are planning a sailing trip and were hoping to leave that day. Weather prevented them from leaving but we got a long visit in and had a blast! Here are the picture I snapped while we visited!

And shes writing a blog!!!! Here is her link Tina’s Sailing Log

And I did get me a new mouse and its very pretty!


And today we added to our flock!! We got a wonderful deal on 6 little black chickens. We believe they are Black sex links. Meaning the white marks on the heads mean boys and the all black heads mean girls. They are adorable. And our eggs that are incubating are showing wonderful growth and should hatch in 10-11 days!!! Oh wowzers!!

We will be update our flock page and adding our bunny herd page in two weeks!!

Now back to homework and chores!



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