Big weekend coming up!

Good evening!

We have a big weekend planned! For our Valentines day weekend we are planning on breaking ground on our crop field and gardens! We will be posting what we add to our gardens to beef up the organic matter and nutrients in the soil in preparation for our spring plantings in March and April. We will not be adding to our crop field at this time as we are plowing under our winter cover crop Hairy Vetch. We plan on figuring out our vegetable and fruit needs for this year. We also plan on starting the layout for the crop field and gardens. We plan on updating our flock page and making the herd page! We will be making more rabbit cages and working on clearing the land for the rabbit enclosure. We will be looking into moving the rabbits around after we put up our roof to the enclosure and figuring out what we need to get to finish setting up. We are planning a pallet run tomorrow and a dump run Friday. We will bagging and hopefully finishing removing the trash from the brick shack. We might even get in another dump run Friday afternoon or Saturday.We will also be burning, chipping and sorting more of the trees we have cut down. We will also be improvising another brooder for a chicks due the 21-22 of this month! Trinity will be working on writing her own name and Durby III will work on potty training and speaking clearly. We will have some fun crafts for the kids so they can make valentines. We will be baking and sewing in preparation for Valentines Day. We are also planning for Monday to be another day of trash removal, land clearing, burning, chipping and gardening! We are very excited for the beginning of our busy season!! So check back frequently this weekend for all our news and pictures, recipes and tips!


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