Thursday’s done.

Good morning!

So remember I said we had a big weekend planned? Well we got a jump on it yesterday. We started out with a dump run and a pallet run. The dump run took 18 bags of garbage off the property! This is not our daily trash, that is picked up every Tuesday. We have lots left to bag, but we are very happy with what we got done yesterday. We also got the first set of pallets for our construction of the shed, green house, new chicken fence, and rabbit enclosure walls.IMG_8940

Still need several more but this is a great start!!

While our oldest two girls where in school our younger two kids where busy learning and helping with the chores.

And Trinity our 4 year old also did some really great drawings for us!

Then once the older two girls got home from school we got started outside. I decided to tackle the tearing down of the old bamboo shack next to the cottage.


Now we did our best to not hurt the grape vines you see growing on it, but only time will tell if we managed to do this without killing them. I started the demolition and Durbs finished it!

IMG_8938 - Copy

And its down! Cleanup starts today for it!

Another thing we did was cut down the trees in the way of our rabbit enclosure.

We have some big stumps to work on but this is really getting done quickly.

And I worked on the vegie garden we used last year for small stuff like watermelons and tomatoes. I removed the bucket and was surprised by how BAD my soil looks. I added soil from composted goat feces and mulch from clearing . I will need a bunch more, but first we need to decide if we are breaking ground with the tractor or our hands.

The top two inches or so is where we are supposed to find darker soil, organic matter like leaves, and this clearly shows pale dust of soil at the top.

The kids got to do arts and crafts before dinner.


And I made Frankies Valentine’s Day Party skirt!

She was very happy today as she headed out to school! Now we are on to our very busy day!!

May your day be as blessed as ours!!


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