Fridays work.

Good morning!

We are sore and still pulling splinters out from yesterdays work. I tell ya this weekend ends with Monday being a rainy day and I am really looking forward to it!  Durbs is too as he is feeling the aches as well.  The first thing I did yesterday was complete 6 weekly tests for my homework and a power point. Durby took Trinity and Durby III to get their hair trimmed by our cousin  Kim Berry at Head Start in Birmingham.

Then after they got back it was lunch and pallet run!


While Durbs was grabbing more pallets for us I started Sarah’s hair cut. I spent almost 3 hours working on her and shes not done. We will work more on her Tuesday. I am not cutting her super short just cutting it down due to the temps rising next week.

After Anny got home from school (Frankie is visiting her Dad this weekend)  we pulled the largest remaining turnips out of the field.


Then we had Anny, Durby III and Trinity take the wagons and pick up sticks and rocks around the property to work on getting it ready for mowing again. Durby III  got the wagon Aunt Tina and Cousin Killian gave us and pulled the wagon everywhere. He talked to his wagon and even put it to bed when it was time to go in. 🙂 Thank you for the wagon he loves it!!!


Then with what little time we had left we worked on clearing the rabbit enclosure area.

IMG_8939 - Copy

This is where we left it Thursday.

This is where it was when we stopped Friday, and yes that’s me in the blurry picture that Durbs took.

Today is plowing and and tree moving and chipping and maybe a dump run with the roof from the bamboo shack and some of the sheds stuff. Its only getting to 50degree F today so we hope to get it all done but might not. I am currently working on our vegetable needs and fruit needs for the rest of the year. Anny will be taking pictures of the chickens and Durby will be taking pictures of his rabbits.

We have a wonderful visitor today as Uncle Sasuke’s mom is visiting us. Durbs is showing her the pond as the rest of us finish up the inside chores this morning and get ready to get outside.

Hope your days are as blessed as ours!




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