Saturdays Work

Good Morning,

We did get a lot done yesterday and we hope to stay on track with our plans. We are sore and tired, but press on we must. Monday is now projected to be rainy and so instead of  a day of work we shall take it as a day of rest. It did not hit 50 degrees until lunch so we had a late start yesterday.

Durby ran our errands getting our new feed  first. We also needed to buy a wrench to fit the bolts on the tractor and breaking plow. He then went and figured out a new way to hook up the breaking plow that is easier and faster!!


And he got the tractor running 🙂 He started breaking ground in our field around 2pm.

We both were very proud of that first pass, but we both thought something was wrong about it so Durbs called Durby Sr. And we found that although that’s a pretty nice break, its starting at the wrong side of the field HAHAHAHAHA. So Durbs started the plow up and went down to the other side and started breaking ground.


Yes he’s BATMAN!!! Wearing the Batman hat/face-mask I made for him last year.

I was down clearing around the rabbit enclosure. Trinity, Durby III and Anny started out picking up sticks and they picked up 4 wagon fulls!! Trinity got a earlier start she planted Daisies this morning!!

Durbs got a few rows then realized that two tires where low so we needed to air them up. But the Air pump we had needed a fuse, so he loaded up Trinity and Durby III and went to Autozone. He got the fuse and the kids got hot-wheels 🙂 After wiring up the two tires he got back to plowing. He kept going even after the sun started setting.


Yep those are the tractor’s headlights!! He finished less almost halfway done with the field.


I worked on clearing out the area for the rabbit enclosure. Remember yesterday there were several trees to process, well those got done. That took one truck load to the chipper pile after I cut up the stuff for the fire wood. Then I went on to clear ivy and more dead branches, till I had mostly dirt left. Durby came and look at the area and decided he wanted to turn it instead of straight back to a angle so we could avoid the stump. So I went to work clearing that area too. I removed over a truck full of ivy and dead branches.


20160212_171309 This is were we ended Friday remember? Well this is how it looked when I ended Saturday!


And of course I got Trinity’s Valentines dress almost completed. She was asleep so I had to wait till morning to fit it to her.


Now I ma off of here this morning to finish her dress, get some homework done and get started on this very busy day.

Happy Valentines Everyone! I will post again tonight so check back for pictures of everything!!

Blessing be with y’all



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