And we met most of our goals!

Good morning!

I hope everyone’s Valentines Day was great. We had church in the morning and Trinity wore her dress!


After church we got moving on our work for the day. Anny bagged up another 13 bags of trash from the brick shack.  Durbs got to plowing and I sorted the trees and debris we cleared out.I got over another hundred trees cut and sorted.

Durby got all the land we needed broke done!!

Durby III had fun trying out the tractor when durbs had to go get gas.

I had a set back when I got the part of chipping the privets , our chipper pull string broke.


The picture on the right is what I started with and on the left what was left after one hour of chipping. We produced two bags of mulch which we put in the back yard.This is why we need the chipper, quick removal of the trees.


We updated the pages as I said we would! Here’s the links to them or you can find them under our menu.

Our Flock

Our Rabbit Herd

We have completed our list of vegetables to go in the crop field and we have almost completed our list of needed fruits for the year. Jam is our big one we go through quite a bit here.

For our organic material additions to our garden. I am performing a soil test later today and we will be using three things as needed. The compost from last years mulch piles, the compost from old chicken poop and rabbit poo. We know lime will be added to were we plant out tomatoes. Our garden’s dirt look better this year, so the addition of composted mulch and the digging up of top soil from the forest really helped.

We will finish our veggie garden  lay out soon and we are planting herbs this year so I need to get moving on that one. Another thing is our flower garden, soon as the daffodils come up we are marking locations so e can transplant them.

As for our rabbits we know we need at least another 16 cinder blocks. We have enough pallets to work with for now but many more runs are in our future. We are also looking into heavy duty tarps or plastic sheeting. We are working to use a gutter system for poop collection for usage in our gardens.

For our chickens we changed their feed and they are eating good but not nearly as much as before. We are using sweet feed, layer pellets, and oats. We will be adding sunflower seeds soon. We shall see if egg production remains at 8 or more as it has been. We only have 11 hens and so we expect 6 to 11 every day.

I unfortunately only baked bred this weekend as time ran out but we have accomplished what we set out to do!! And now for a day of rest and then back to the grind. Man Durbs and I are sore!!


2 thoughts on “And we met most of our goals!

    • Thank you!! We as a team do it. I could not even mow the grass here without the team work lol. Its a lot to manage and everyone even our youngest help out. We plan out our work by the weather and so my kids love the rain hahaha. Rainy days are play days 🙂

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