We are burning again.


Good Morning,

We had a busy day with errands yesterday. When we got back around 2pm we decided to burn the wood from the old bamboo shack. First we demolished more of it and then loaded it into the back of the truck.

Now Remember our wood pile we had when we moved here last year? It was in the middle of our field, so we moved it. We added 4 old large chicken coops of wood to it last spring, well… This is all that’s left of that monstrosity!


We plan to burn it Saturday after it dries out a little more! We burned all after noon and we ended with a huge set of coals and a empty truck!

We have been working hard at cutting up all the trees we have removed too. Here is our wood pile now. We still have about half the trees to process too. Now this is almost all privet wood!


Now we did chip the thinner ones before our pull string broke which we have to wait till next month to replace. We are planning on using the mulch in our garden too as weed control. I am researching this and the added rabbit manure for fertilizer as a combination so the wood mulch will not deplete to much of the nitrogen already in the soil as it decomposes.

And lastly our 5 remaining eggs from our hens are in lock down. 3 days and we should have chickens if they survived, 5 days and we throw them out and start over. Now our hens are related to our roosters, so these are for only egg production not reproduction if we manage to hatch any. When our baby roosters get old enough we are adding our current roosters to our freezer.


Today we are burning again in hopes of getting another huge hunk of the wood from the shack gone. It might rain Sunday through Wednesday so we are working to get ahead in burning before then. We are starting to prepare for the spring mowing and getting the kids into the habit of picking up sticks again. We hope to resume our trips to the dump the beginning of March and empty the brick shack by the beginning of April. Keeping us on schedule with that clean up.

Have a blessed day!



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