Family and exploring!

Good morning!

Well we have finished  the old bamboo shack! We had help from Durby Sr., Sandra and Celeste! We had a wonderful Saturday with  huge family visit!

And yes its completely gone!!

There were repairs to the cottage done by Durby Sr., Sasuke and family. The electric is back on, under the cottage was cleaned out and covered with plastic, and some  of the needed scraping for painting got done! Then there was the trip to the stream! I was burning wood so I did not get to go, but there is a marked path back to the back end of the property now!!

It looks so pretty!! And much clearer than up here. I am excited to go hiking to it!

After this we all ate and visited the chickens and rabbits! Had a blast with everyone and we hope to see everyone again soon. We had the pleasure of seeing Sasuke’s mom Alicia again!

Today is hatch day as well for our 5 eggs. We will start another set in 4 days! We aim to get up to 25 hens. We hope everyone has a blessed weekend as we did.  We consider ourselves very lucky to be part of such a fabulously large family!



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