A day of rest and a family visit planned.

Good evening!

Today has been a rainy day and a day of rest. We took the day to really just relax after getting so much done last week. Tomorrow we are expecting severe weather and so we are going to go visit Nana and Gpa up north to escape it. We will spend a good part of the morning and early afternoon making sure everything is ready for the 50 MPH winds and Tornado threat for our area. As soon as the kids are home from school we will head up to Nana and Gpa’s the threat for their area is significantly less than for ours. We will keep y’all up dated as soon as we get back tomorrow night after the bulk of the threat has passed.We will do a walk around and check for down trees Wednesday after the rains stop. We will be posting about any and all damages with pictures Wednesday. We keep those south of us in our prayers and thoughts as the threat just a hour south is much higher than ours. We also plan to start back in on building, clearing and burning Thursday after the weather has cleared up.

Blessing be with y’all


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