We were spared damage!

Good evening!

So yesterday while the storms moved through we stayed up with Nana and Gpa. We watched and waited till the tornado threat had passed and knew before we went to sleep that we had been spared from a tornado. But the winds were still really high and our ground is thoroughly saturated. We had the truck get stuck in the mud before we left it was so wet. We felt for sure we would have trees down and some limbs. So we drove back early this morning and were completely surprised. No big branches down outside of the forest. No trees down outside of the forest either. No damage to our home, or the cottage, or the barn, or the coop or the bunnies. The only damage was to the roof on the back part of the brick shed which is planned for removal. We have a swamp as there are many areas of 2-3 inches of standing water. All of our animals were fine. Our bunnies did get a little wet and we will keep a eye on them for snuffles but other than that they did well. We do have a lot of leaning privets which gives us hope we can just pull them up tomorrow. We will have to wait though to get Durbs truck out. Its sank about 6 inches into soupy muddy mess. We also need to start planning how to clear out the ditch better so we get less standing water and better drainage as it appears to have numerous branches and trees down. Our neighbors appear to have fared as well as we did too!

All 5 of the eggs we were trying to hatch died and so we set 15 today, hope to have another batch of hens soon!

Blessings be with y’all!



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