Kite Flying!

Good evening,

Today we got the truck unstuck! Yeah!! It left some pretty good ruts from where it had been stuck for the last few days.

Yesterday we cleared out some privets since the ground was so soft from all the rains?


I got injured in the process by a tree popping up and hitting me pretty hard on my right eye. Its swollen and ugly now lol. We have doc appointments tomorrow for the kids I will probably see if they can take a look at the eyelid just to make sure nothing serious is going on.

And today we had a blast flying kites! Durby III is a natural!

And after this ton of fun we went to the cottage to move some stuff back to the trailer and found a hole in the front to the attic. Inside we found a bird flying around, we slowly moved to such a way that the bird found its way out of the cottage. It was a medium sized brown bird, I could not see anything to really identify it with.


We hope y’all had a good afternoon as well!



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