Happy Leap Day! Here is our Feb wrap up.

Good evening!

We have decided at the end of every month to post a wrap up of what we have accomplished during the month. But first lets talk about yesterday and today! Yesterday I cut down around 136 ish privets almost clearing a path to another Pecan tree.

Now today we burned another 3 truck loads of wood from the old tree pile. And we burned quite a bit from our wood pile.

Trinity helped by raking up mulch for us to put in the fire.

And we had a picnic!!

And our third grader Frankie has her Bonnie Cabbage 🙂


And Durbs made home made bread!!! Its really good!! so we had PB&J sandwiches for the picnic.

Now for our wrap up for the month.

We bought bikes for our youngest three, and new bookshelves and a table to eat at.

We bought 6 new mystery chicks born Feb 3 for 12 bucks. We visited my sister the sailor and Killian Jack before they went on their sailing trip. I sewed two valentines day outfits and the kids made 12 valentines from scratch. Lots of glitter involved! Trinity drew some awesome pictures and solved puzzles with her brother.

We cleared the bunny enclosure area and installed the tent roof. This took two days work.

We demolished and burned the old bamboo shack. This took 12 hours to tear down and 12 or so to burn.

Anny spent 20 hours bagging the trash out of the brick shack.

We did two pallet runs.

We spent 2 days plowing up the crop field and small garden.

I spent 10 hours mulching before the pull string on our mulcher broke.

Durbs built and installed 5 hay boxes in the rabbit cages.

We spent a afternoon pulling out privets and got 20 out roots and all.

We spent over 20 cutting down privets and clearing out more land.

We spent over 32 hours burning the trees, vines and roots.

Our chickens lay 8 eggs a day.

We did two dump runs hauling 700 lbs of garbage off the property!

Happy February everyone!

Last but not least my sisters blog is going strong! Check her out!

Adventures in Patience

Blessings be with y’all



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