All the eggs are bad :(

Good evening,

I wish I had better news, but all 15 of the eggs we were incubating did not develop very well if at all so all were thrown out. That makes 22 eggs from our flock we have tried to hatch and all 22 did not make it. We are suspending these attempt at hatching our own eggs indefinitely. Most of the last 15 were not even fertilized, which means are roosters are not doing their job. And since they are not doing their job we will be attempting to butcher two of them later this week or next week.

On a positive note our 6 chicks are growing well, but we think we might end up with 5 roosters and only 1 hen. This might seem like good news but we only have 11 hens and each rooster needs 4-5 hens to not over work the hens. So if we have 5 roosters we will have to get rid of some.

And we are working very hard on a surprise! This is the main reason we have not posted much this week. We are trying to keep it a surprise and its hard when we are so excited and proud of our work!

Blessings be with you.


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