A wonderful day!

Good evening!

Well we have a surprise! We finally found the last contribution to our flock!


Please visit Our Flock !! We updated it to show all our youngins!

We also got the next set of cinder blocks we needed to expand our Rabbit area! And we picked up a flat of roma tomatoes and a flat of better boy. We continued working on yet another surprise that we hope to show off tomorrow. We have been working on it all week!

And now for the big entrepreneur idea we are starting! Durby Jr. is going to make handmade wooden buttons! We think this will be a good way to use some of the wood we are cutting down and we already have all the tools. Durby Jr is really excited to try it out. If he finds a button he likes to make it will be the Robinson Homestead first product!!!! We are very excited.

And we were asked today if we planned to sell at farmers markets for our vegetables, eggs and buttons. We are seriously considering it!! So excited for all the wonderful things coming our way!

Blessings be with you.



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