Another long day of hard work!

Good evening!

We are exhausted! We have more picture of more surprises!! Last Sunday I spent a hour or two cutting down privets and its taken us all week but we have finally cleaned most of them up!! Durby is 6 ft so hes in these pictures for a size reference. And the pecan tree to the right is the one we cleared out around last fall. We can actually get to the next pecan tree,  but some more privets till you can see it.

And we got that old brick shed emptied!!! Here is the before shots!

And our after shots!

And we worked on the old tree pile, trying to get it all cleaned up for mowing time! Anny worked for Ms Billie for most of the after noon but came and still helped with our clean up. And we started laying the cinder blocks for the rabbits! Anny helped by working on leveling them and lining them up 🙂 We decided on a lay out for the cages too.

And there was this weird tuft of fur in the girls cage but no one as injured…


And our chicks are smart lil freaks! They have figured out how to hop back and forth to the other tub….


Blessing with y’all!




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