We updated the Chicken Yard and Run!

Good evening!

With our older chicks now over a month old and the temperatures warming up we needed to work on the old chicken run. It was my first ever building attempt and has fallen apart over the winter. Durby worked on it as Anny and I continued working on moving that old tree pile.

He did put in some more posts and wired over some holes and we decided no door for the run we will just put them in and take them out with the top. We slid the old ‘gate’ back a few feet and out in a much smaller and easier to handle gate. It doesn’t open that wide but we do not need it too.

Anny and I worked hard on the old tree pile and moved another 5 wheelbarrows and 6 cans full of cut wood to our wood pile.


We all worked slower today as we are exhausted from the last few days. Our youngest girl  figured out how to tie pine needles into a knot to make a earring!!


Blessing be with y’all! We start adding our rabbit poop fertilizers soon!



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