Durbs fixed the Wood Chipper!

Good morning,

This week has been so full I was unable to share some fantastic developments! So about a month ago the handle came off the pull string for the wood chipper. Now to many this might seem like a easy fix, but to us newbies it was not. We looked online but could not find instructions on how to fix this. We went to Russel’s Do It Center and got a rope and asked them but without the chipper they could not offer much advice. So we came home feeling a bit let down. Well Durbs decided to go ahead and try to fix it. He pushed the chipper over to our trailer from the cottage and worked on it for only a hour or two before he was able to fix it and maintain the correct tension! Our son helped too!

Now more news about our son, he figured out how to ride a tricycle!!!!!!!!

Sarah our dog had some fun playing keep away with Trin and Durby III.

We got tons of burning done this week.

And we did a at home soil sample which was not correct, the kit must have been bad.


Now how do I know this soil test kit was bad you ask, well from my soil class last fall. See our soil is Saffel. Saffel is a sandy loam soil, sandy soils are acidic. This acid test clearly shows that it is reading alkaline. So we know  the PH test is incorrect. The second is Nitrogen, now this might look purpleish but that is just the reflection on the vial. This did not react so it was not good. The next is Phosphorous and there at the bottom you can barely see its dark blue. This would mean it is high in phosphorous, and it might well be, but this test took hours to show up, well past the discard time, so this is bad as well. And finally we test for Potash, I already figured this test too would be inaccurate as these are part of one kit. And it is barely orange, which might actually be true. We will be sending soil samples off to be tested next week. I did run a PH test from my soil test kit from OSU.


This is clearly a dark green/black color which you would think validated the test above but no actually quite the opposite. This dark green means we have a 4.5 PH which is to be expected from our soil type. Would we try a at home test again? Maybe, but not that brand. I never found a good by date or expiration date, or a date of manufacture. I did not even locate a lot or batch number. Since I have no way to know if the next kit would be from the same group that this one was made from no, I would not spend another 10$.

Yall have a great day!



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