Our first mow and signs of spring!

Good evening,

Today we got our first big mow of the spring done. Before it was just spot mowing, not anymore! 

Our peach trees are blooming and our figs have leaves coming in.

And I started on clearing out the old stump near the cottage. 

But I forgot the after pictures so I will post more about it tomorrow.

And tonight we start our flowers and herbs!

Its also the first night our older chicks stay outside. We hope they do ok!

Tomorrow transplanting the tomatoes to bigger pots start!!

Blessings be with y’all!!



2 thoughts on “Our first mow and signs of spring!

  1. Hi! I saw you have some flowers – where do you plant them that works well for your yard? I’ve got some – we’re on a small lot, but I’m struggling on where to place them per shade needs. They are mixes. TIA!


    • We have a flower garden out from under trees that gets a good deal if sunlight. We use that mostly. This year we will be planting a wild flower mix as well. For those that require more shade we put about a foot from the trunk of our trees. Most of ours like full sun or only partial shade. Our herbs will be in containers this year, so we can move them around to find what works. I hope that helps.


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