And we use rabbit poop as fertilizer.

Good evening,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Here are the outfits the girls put together to go with the skirts we sewed last night!

I sewed Frankie’s and Anny sewed her own. They were both happy with the outcome.

We expanded our brooder from 3 to 4 for the chickies. Soon we know we will have to add one more for them to be comfortable. They are growing up fast. Which is great because that means they move out faster too!

I made my own dishwasher soap too! 1/2 cup Borax, 1/2 washing soda, 1/4 kosher salt and 2 packages of lemonade mix. We shall see how it works! Its running a load as I write this! We only use 2 tablespoons! This will save us bunches if it works 🙂 We already make our own laundry soap.


I managed to get a good bit of edging done around the old burn pile and the cottage, even got around the cottage’s propane tank! And after the older gals got home I got some more mowing in. After the mowing the temperature dropped and you could smell the rain coming. So we decided to go ahead and transplant more tomatoes. We actually got all of the Better Boy transplanted. We used the old plastic planters we made last year out of old soda bottles. We added a layer of dirt on the bottom, then the center is rabbit poop (about half the remaining space) and then after putting the plant on top we covered the top with dirt.

Then we rushed inside as it started raining. Frankie had started some Forget Me Nots earlier this week and they had sprouted so we used the plastic containers from the tomatoes we had just transplanted for the flowers. We used topsoil from our wooded area behind the rabbits and planted all the ones that had started.

Well as you have read and seen my oldest Anny is helping out bunches. Around here we allow you to work off your grounding and she has chosen to do that. Last weekend she cooked us a turkey dinner, tonight shes cooking again. Shes trying her hand at Turkey broccoli casserole! One of our favorites! At the rate she’s going she might work off the next grounding before she even gets it!

Blessings be with ya!


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